Using the Wedding Color Selector

This online color wheel is meant to help facilitate the wedding color selection process. For every color on the wheel there are colors it can co-exist with and others it cannot. Remember this color wheel is just a base to help you get started. Not all color combinations generated should be used.


Let's get started

Click on the color you see as being your primary wedding color. This will be your Base color.

Inside the color wheel you will see a scale (0 - 360 degrees) containing a small black round pointer (Diagram 1). By clicking inside this scale you can make slight changes to the color hue. Remember to click not drag.




Diagram 1



There are five color schemes to choose from (Diagram 2):

Diagram 2

Monochromatic: This scheme is based on only one color tint and uses variations made by changing saturation and brightness. The result is usually pleasing to the eye.

Contrast: The base color is supplemented with a color on the opposite side of the wheel. Although vibrant and cheerful, care should be taken when using contrasting colors to avoid a jarring look.

Triad: Base color is supplemented with two complementary colors. This color scheme is often more comfortable on the eyes than the "Contrast" scheme. Triad schemes are vibrant and full of energy.

Tetrad: This scheme is made by a pair of color and their complements. The tetrad scheme is a very aggressive color scheme therefore it is very important to pay close attention to how the colors relate to each other.

Analogic: This scheme is made up of the base color and its two adjacent colors. It usually produces an elegant, uniform look.


The sliding scale located beneath the Color Scheme Buttons can be used to set the distance of the complementary colors from the base color (Diagram 3).

Diagram 3